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Delay plugin?


New Member
I know UA's kindly given us the Space Echo, but I could really use a good clean sounding delay plugin with tap tempo, I have the waves supertap which is ok and I'm on vst so can't use any fancy tdm plugs.

Anyone else looking for a good delay plugin with tap tempo/bpm sync?


Established Member
Analogic and Bionic Delay are nice as well as the Kjerhaus one :)

Also Voxengo's free delay (the old one) is very good, but I forget the name :oops:


Active Member
PSP all the way baby!!! I have both Lexicon Delays and the 608 multidelay. Very nice.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
DM-1 and DM-1L are still amongst my favorite UAD plug-ins. The filters are smoother than the Kjaerhus one's and they just somehow sound more like my hardware digital delays. Even the Steinberg Dual Delay sounds better than the Kjaerhus one to me.


Active Member
sound toys Echo Boy...................

delay with all sorts of flavors and so fun to use...


Established Member
taylor said:
sound toys Echo Boy...................

delay with all sorts of flavors and so fun to use...
No VST it seems?
I agree with Eric that DM-1 and DM-1L still really nice. As a Cubase 4 user, the new stuff around delay are pretty usefull and easy to use either.
I'll have to try again the PSP ones...


Would also love a nice clean UAD Delay Plug in.
Since IMO this would mainly cost some memory of the card but must not be very DSP intensive, it could well be used alongside the other ones.

The Roland Tape Delay is very vintage-like and expensive. Not what I´m searching for.

Some multitap and complex routing&filtering options like on the modern Roland SDE 330 would be beautiful (anyway if it has to be an emulation of existing hardware, that´d be the unit I´d be spying on).

So thumbs up for the idea.

But as always, I´m not getting tired of repeating :

Please :

REM: Christmas Wishlist*

1. New powerful DSP concept
2. Solution for Load balancing

Only after that put development pressure on new plugins.

REM:Christmas Wishlist END


Established Member
More Feedback Machine sound just as good as PSP 608, has alot more options and flexibility, and uses half the cpu cycles.


Best delay ever made. Fabfilter's Timeless comes close, but is only dual delay lines, this one has 4.


Active Member
I'd love one with the same tap approach as the cheap leicon MPX 100.
Tap the tempo in 1/4 notes and turn the selector knob to choose 1/4, dotted 1/8th, triplets, tape slap etc.
Fast and easy.


Active Member
The free delay from db-audioware.com is one of the best freebies in the world. It's not tap tempo, but once you enter in the tempo it has the other adjustable settings you want.
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