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Different Compressers


New Member
What's the deal with the different compressers in from UAD I have the the Studio Pak and have the LA2A Fairchild and 1176's which compressers work best with which parts of the track,e.g which for the kick/bass which for the different parts of the songs.

Asking because I would like to know the differences between them.




Active Member
If you search you will find lots of threads talking about this.

The LA2A is smooth and transparant. It works good on vox, bass, and anything you want gentle compression on. The 1176 is fairly transparant at low settings, but becomes quite agressive easily. I like it on sharper sounds or sounds that benefit from a little crunch like drums and guitars. It also works well on vocals. The Fairchild is very characterful, and sort of hard to set since it has more knobs. ;) I can sound very smooth and fairly transparant at light settings, or sort of like the heavy slow release compression used in old movies. It is also great on drums, vocals, vocal groups and sometimes bass.

But it shouldn't be long before asomeone wades in to say you should try them all and pick the one you like best for the job. ;)



New Member
Thanks for the reply.

Yes I do know its all about trail and error and trying thing out I just wanted to get a different perspective from what others were using and why.

I do prefer the Fairchild for drums already.



Active Member
Try LA2A on all things bass.
1176LN on drums, overheads in particular.
Fairchild sounds good on anything IMO but watch out for bass-loss and too much presence.


Dave Bourke

Active Member
I rarely use the 1176LN on drums. Personally, I find it's a bit of a splat machine. For my own stuff, I prefer the Fairchild because I think it brings out depth and details that seem to be just smeared with the 1176LN.

Yeah, LA2A is definitely the bass king.

Everyone's ears are different. So each to his/her own, obviously...

Kind regards.


New Member
if you have kick on ch1 snare on ch2 i find it nice to bus channels 1 and 2 through a la2a and squeeze the funk out of them and bring slighlty in the mix behind the main drum tracks, gives beats a nice crunch.

all subjective etc
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