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Dimension D expired allready?


Active Member
today I have download and install the UAD v4.0 bbut I can't use it because I get that the demo has expired :?: :eek: :roll:

how is that happening I downloaded today 7/10/2005 :wink:

I can't try it and I am........ :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted:


Active Member
i see....! :eek:

i am not alone on this planet! :lol:

UAD where are you!!!!!!

Do you know try before buy???????

Giles117 DP

Active Member
Call UAD and speak to the mac support person.

I let him know a buch of us could not use the Dim D demo for this problem.

He handled my situation for me quickly.


Active Member
May I ask

ALl you guys who had the demos expire ... did you use up all your demos by 3.9 ? I ask cuase maybe the uad card had some how \"saved\" that you had used all your demos . then a new demo comes out but it thinks to itself

\"all demos expired\"



Active Member
Uad's excellent support fixed it allready.

I just called them!

great :wink:

Giles117 DP

Active Member
mersis, the typical problem and UA verified it is a corrupt auth chip error


Universal Audio
UA Official
For anyone who is having this problem, please contact our support guys here at UA so that they can get it cleared up and also get some info from you so we can determine if there possibly a problem somewhere. Thanks everyone.


i had this problem but just like to say as always UA support handled it in a friendly manner at light speed ! ;)
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