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dimension D mix levels..

Just this past weekend I finally took the time to try the DD demo, and I must say, it is one of the better choruses I have heard! But to the best of my ability I have not been able to find a sensible way to roll back some of the effect on a track. Its either all or nothing:( I tried it through a send, but in order to hear it at all I have to crank it almost all the way! But of course that adds an awful lot to the signal gain :( Using it in an insert seems a bit much for stuff like vocal widening and subtle guitar effects. Its not overbearing, just more than I want in most cases.

I haven't had much time to REALLY work with it, but there are so few controls I doubt I missed anything ;)
But if I did miss something, I'd apreciate some ideas :)
If not I'd like to make a feature request that an option be added to switch between insert mode and send mode. Or just put a wet/dry control on it! as true to the original as it may be, we are using it in a computer! something that was never on the mind of the original engineers :)

Of all the choruses I have tried lately this is the only one that I thought, WOW! I gotta get this. But this one thing may be a show stopper... for me at least :(

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
original hardware design constraint.

i assign it to a group and mix it in to taste.


Active Member
The added signal gain when sending to a group is a slight incenvenience, but I don't think it is too bad. I use it all the time now, but not once as an insert! The same goes for CE-1, which can really thicken up backign vocals, if that is what you want.


Paul Woodlock

Established Member
Tony Ostinato said:
original hardware design constraint.

i assign it to a group and mix it in to taste.
That's how I do it.

But I wish they had put a mix control on it though. Ease of use is more important than purism IMHO :)

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
I agree with you.

I was thinking maybe theres a thing about inserting another stage into the model that would affect the rest of the model cause models arent like straightahead algo's but y'know around then i realize im in too deep.

but certainly noone could argue that itd be nice to have the option, even a hidden one. i was a bit surprised and spent some time clicking around for a secret panel. havent found one yet.
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