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Why is it that on these forums, the momentum of a thread last something like one day and 2 or 3 responses (whichever comes first)

It'd be great to get some stimulating discussion around here.



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yeah man, I frequent those forums for their massive difference in professionality. The moderators there don't take any crap, most everyone there is a working professional, and the whole thing has a much more of a community feel to it.

The UA forums seem to have taken a dive in that respect. There's almost no community here, and instead of interesting discussion about anything (and i'm guilty too) we end up with \"UA sucks cause they need to do this and I need a 1073 on every track or i'm never buying another plugin...\" or \"No WAY man! yur stoopid! UA is the best company ever!!!! I've never used an 1176, but this one sounds JUST like it!\" (exagerrations of course)


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It is true that this forum has taken a dive and it's started reminding me of Cubase.net recently. There is a fine line between allowing freedom of speech and actually tolerating complete nonsense and I think that in the recent past I've been guilty of not being strict enough. However, things have changed, as you might have noticed - if the fact that one of the major contributors to the forum's quality dive is no longer a member of this forum tells you something, that is. At least things calmed down a bit after that.

The best thing you can do to raise this forum's level again is to start interesting topics and contribute to others with useful posts and refrain from the type of useless posts you described and admitted of being guilty of posting, too, Matt (I'm using what you said just as an example, it's not personal :) ).


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Nicely put and no offense taken. It's a good thing to be 'proactive' and not 'reactive'.

It'd be really cool to see more of what people are doing with these plug-ins. It seems like there is a healthy enough mix of 'hobbyists' and 'professionals' here where we might all be able to learn something.

it'd also be kind of cool to have something of a 'roll call' of the regulars. it might give some things perspective. you know, what you do, where your from, your involvement in music, etc.


But what is a \"regular\"? I'm a hobbyist who visits fairly often, but rarely posts. Are you only talking about people who post at least a few times a week (for example)?


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I'd think you'd need to post/participate frequently to be considered a 'regular'. Otherwise it's like going to a bar everyday and not buying a drink.


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Hey B...
Not that this has anything to do with this thread but...

I've been getting into SAM V9... I have to say that it's \"Modeling Suite\" plugs are rivaling UA's.

MAn! WOW. :eek:

But so far they take a big hit on the CPU>.

If you get a chance.. maybe get the Demo... I don't know if the DEMO comes with The PLug-in suite.. but??????

Just thought I'd throw that in there.

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