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Distortion after 2nd card added


I was running out of DSP on a project so I added a second card and now the channels running UAD plugs are distorting. When I bypass the plugs the distortion goes. What have I done wrong??

1 card had irq 17 on its own, the other shares 18 with sata raid controller which is not used.

Thanks for any help



We had the same issue after adding a second HDSP in our DAW. We got rid of it by changing latency but we didn't felt comfortable with it so we decided to swap the HDSP cards in a different slot.

End result: back to the old latency (talking about MIN_GNT) not audio) and no more distortion.

Have a look at this article about latency and UAD


Thanks Raymond. I'll go through my PCI latency and see if that fixes it. Hopefully it will be that simple. Strange how this has only occured since adding my second card.



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the other shares 18 with sata raid controller which is not used
Do you mean installed but not used or disabled in the bios. Should be the last! Some raid controlers check the bus constantly even if there is nothing atached to them. If you do need the controler, do disable it just for checking. If it helpes you know it´s an IRQ conflict and you have to shufle your cards.



I'm not sure which slots you are using, but I am using slot 3 for my RME Hammerfall and slots 2 and 4 for my UAD-1's successfully. One of the UAD-1's shares with the Promise RAID controller, but it doesn't seem to bother it. If you'd like, I can give you all of my pci latency settings, etc....


Thanks all. I checked my pci latency and seemed ok. I had another reshuffle and had 1 card share with video and 1 with RME. I didn't like that but no distortion. I tried another combination and again, no distortion. I went back to the origination configuration and no distortion. Not sure what it was but its fixed. Bloody computers.

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