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Do I put reverb as insert on lead vocals?


Established Member
If it has wet/dry controls then you can insert it, if not then put a send so you can control it.


Sadly, left this world before his time.
I always use reverb as a send effect, even if it's a very special one for a very specific track. That way, if I decide later that it fits some other element in the mix, as well, I don't have to open another instance.


I agree with Akis.

A good way to tie a mix together is to use the same reverb on mulitple tracks. Use the vocal reverb on a bussed drum group and you'll put them in the same \"space\".

Giles117 DP

Active Member
Yes and No. Depends upon how it sounds as an insert. And if it will give you what you want. Some I insert, Some I send to an aux track with the Verb on the Aux....

Boils down to what you hear......
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