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Do you guys have any opinion about this? --> Waves & SSL


Active Member
Where did you saw that?


Active Member
Just saw the free SSL comp for PC VST is out, but that Waves SSL looks awsome, but probably an arm and a leg for it knowing those companies.

da Shrink

New Member
I think this might be a great addition to the upcoming UAD Neve, I mean having 2 of these great consoles in a pc, that's mindblowing to me!

FYI, the Waves SSL was designed together with engineers from SSL to make the sound of the plug in as close as it gets to the originals.

And these are 3 = THREE plug ins : \" Based on the 4000 series console, and created by Waves working closely with SSL’s engineering staff, the Waves SSL 4000 Collection includes three meticulously modeled plug-ins: the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, SSL E-Channel and SSL G-Equalizer\"

Price for native versions will be $800 ,so guys around here complaining about the Space Echo for the UAD costing $250, you might have some more butts to kiss ;)

I think these are great times getting even better with emulations like this one and off course looking forward to the Neve for my UAD.

info about the Waves SSL

check a video of this great plug in here:

Sonic State also has a great section on the NAMM show 2006 with lots of vids

PS: no I'm not sponsored by Waves or Sonic State :)

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
waves really lost their way for a long time, seemingly focusing on making the most of the money rather than making the most of the plugins.

then they swore theyd never do a dsp card and then flip flop and make the apa's, with an unusable minimum latency of 1024 samples.

I think what has happened here is that uad-1 finally forced them back on track, for a lot of us its too late tho.

i wonder what the prices are gonna look like.

Giles117 DP

Active Member
Big Harpe said:
It's still a beautiful looking GUI. The free SSL comp is pretty kick-ass and simple. I love it.
It's laid out like the console (except not one long strip. LOL they moved the dynamics) but it looks like what I was used to twisting.

Unlike URS, no one ever used an SSL eq going left to right. I think the G series should have been vertical as well and not horzontal. Unles you think of the rack mount versions instead of the console mounted versions.
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