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Does UAD-1e get considerbly better performance that UAD-1?


New Member
I am wondering if there is a considerable difference in performance between the PCI express version o f the UAD-1 and the original PCI version? Or if it's just a compatibility thing... meaning the PCIe card works in newer Macs but essentially performs like the UAD-1 suited for older PCI Macs?

I just wanted to know in the event that I upgrade one day to a PCIe machine and decide to keep my UAD-1 card(s) and use, say, an expansion chassis that allows me to run the old cards on a PCIe machine. Would I in any way be better off trading them out for UAD-1e cards to see better performance?

My gut tells me no.

Anyone have thoughts?

Also, is there really talk of a more powerful UAD-2 coming out?


Active Member
no and that is why i dont want to have to replace both of my PCI's for just under a grand and have the same power. its like throwing money out the window.

i know JRR shop has that trade in program but you have to fork over the full price first and wait on the refund. i dont have the money to upgrade one much less 2.


Established Member
Yup, it's a UAD-1 with a bridge chip slapped on AFAIK. Unless you want to upgrade to another card, there's no reason to go PCI-e other than a little bit of future proofing. Even then it's kinda beat IMO.

The $100 difference is BS and should be the same price. It's not like there was a ton of R&D involved. To be fair they DO give you $100 voucher towards plugs so it balances out I guess (Assuming you have plugs let to buy).

Nice that JRR has a trade in program. I wonder what he's flipping the Used UAD-1's for?


New Member
NuSkool, the bridge chip is something on the UAD-2? Is that what you're talking about?

When is it supposed to come out?


fleadom said:
NuSkool, the bridge chip is something on the UAD-2? Is that what you're talking about?

When is it supposed to come out?
No, a bridge chip simply converts the PCI interface to the PCIe interface, way down at the bus level. It has nothing to do with higher level UAD signal processing, etc.


Established Member
I like to see some evidence of this new interface before speculating.


Nightowl said:
Well, its the same Mpact chip on the PCIe that is on the PCI. And it can't run any more plugins than the PCI card.
Here's an interesting article on the Mpact chip:

This article was from 1998 and describes the end of the product development cycle for the Mpact chip, which was originally released in 1996.

UA will have to do a substantial re-development to bring the dsp algorithms over to a different processor base.
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