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So i ordered the Dimension D last night and when i clicked OK i realized i just ordered 2 of the same plug... payed with visa.

I obviously only need ONE instance so now i'm quite eager to get my money back for one plug.

I e-mailed UA about this but i thought i'd mention it here too if any ua sales reps are lurking around.

Has anyone else screwed up like i did? did you get your money back?

PLEASE ease my mind since money is not really \"plentyful\" in my household right now!

Big Harpe

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In dealing with UA I assure you that you'll get your money back. They are EXCELLENT with their customer service. I did that once before, elsewhere, and they refunded me. Worst case is Visa can step in if necessary and take care of it for you. One of the few benefits of credit/debit cards.

Happy Memorial Day, 8)


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Thanks Harpe.

I might add that under \"My System\" on my uaudio account there are 2 groups now, \"Group 1\" and \"Group 2\".
my 2nd instance of DimensionD is listed under Group 2 and that group has NO hardware registered to it.

Surely UA must realize that i'm in no need of a plug added to NO hardware...?! :?

Anyway, haven't heard from them yet but at least my hopes are up!


It should be a breeze as long as you haven't authorized it yet. I suggest you call. That is the easiest solution. I did something similar a couple of weeks ago and they offered to refund my credit card but, I was so pleased with their response I ordered another plug I wanted instead.
Just explain your situation and be patient. They will do their best to make you happy.
I have just done the same thing with:-

2 x Roland Classic Series FX Bundle (UAD-1-ROLAND-BUNDLE) = $678.30
License Code Delivery My Universal Audio
2 x Plate 140 Plug-In for UAD-1 (UAD-1-PLATE140) = $253.30
License Code Delivery My Universal Audio
2 x Precision Multiband Plug-In for UAD-1 (UAD-1-MULTIBAND) = $423.30
License Code Delivery My Universal Audio
Sub-Total: $1,354.90
Total: $1,354.90

I was half asleep when I ordered them for my two cards on my PC(wanted to get the order in before I go away on my hols). I didn't even look at the price. :oops: It wasn't till I looked at the email that I realised what I had done, by which time I had authorised the plugins for my PC. I now have $677.45 worth of plugins (on my Group2 which has no cards assigned to it) that I won't be using! I have sent an email to UAD support and am praying that they can refund me the not unsubstantial amount. Or it could be a very uneventful holiday! :cry:


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Ouch, that's harsh brother!

Since i'm trying to get a refund for half of what i spent, i haven't downloaded my authorization file.
I'm simply trying to avoid a \"well you DID bring home what you payed for\" -dilemma.

I'm sure there's nothing to worry about in your case though, your 2nd group has no hardware in it so it's pretty clear all those extra plugs are redundant.

Since it was Memorial day yesterday i'm hoping things will start to move today (tuesday).

Good luck to you and hopefully you WILL have an eventful holiday!
Cheers sniper. I think UAD will help us both in our situations. I have bought quite a few UAD plugins in the past and I am sure they don't want to cause any bad feeling amongst their users. I just can't stand the waiting............. :roll:


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All is settled!

Awesome customer support! Awesome i say!

Best of luck to you too hesnotthemessiah.
All sorted here as well! :D Refund sent by UA. Now that's what I call good customer service. I think this company ranks right at the very for customer service - in terms of offering good, quick response to problems, good pricing structure/discount policies and constantly providing plenty of great products! :D I feel all warm inside :oops:
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