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DP 4.52/ UAD-1 3.8 crackles HELP!


New Member
I recently upgraded from DP 4.5 to 4.52. I also jumped from UAD-1 ver 3.7 to 3.8 at the same time. I am now experiencing crackles in my audio ONLY when the UAD card is activated (as in the button in the UAD meter app is switched to ON). This occurs whether or not any plugs are activated or not. The crackles are minor and do not cause any problems with playback however they are very anoying! Any help would be greatl appreciated.

Single G4 933 Quicksilver
OS X 10.3.8
Western Digital HDs 7200rpm
M-Audio Delta 1010LT


Active Member
As it stands I see 2 problems

One is Memory

MOTU recommends at least 1 gigi a Ram to run DP 4.5 effectively ( it's in the getting started manual)

2. An unproven problem of DP 4.5/4.12, etc... not running well on Single processor DESKTOP macs.

I had an 800 and struggled till I went Dual processor.

Like I said memory is your #1 Issue Bump that thing up. I was running 1.5GB on my Quicksilver.
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