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New Member
so, i borrowed another uad from a friend to try it before buying another and am glad i didn't buy a second one because adding it makes my ENTIRE COMPUTER drop out, NOT just the audio.

i couldn't tell if the audio dropped out since the display gets stuck in 4 bit mode, 640x480, and the driver page complains it \"cannot allocate enough resources\" to operate my video card.

i tried:
- every pci slot combination available
- changing IRQ settings in the bios
- to contain my anger when my hard drive magically had bad sectors when the second uad card was installed. maybe it was sharing irqs with an ide controller and decided to make my drive eat shit for breakfast.

any suggestions? apparently i'm stuck with 1 card until i upgrade my whole system, i am not changing my configuration ever again. my HD seems fine now but windows takes a lot longer to start up than it used to.

it'd be great if you could use more than 80% of the card on a mac without some compatibility garbage mode, or i think i'd have bought one by now.


Active Member
We do realy need some info on your system...


New Member
bleh, forgot that in frustration,
p4 2.4ghz (socket 478 w/ zalman cps7700)
Abit AI-7, bios 6.00PG, intel 865P chipset
1gb crucial
1x UAD (slot 3, 4.3.0)
m-audio delta 1010 (slot 4)
geforce 6600GT 256mb, nvidia forceware 84.12
antec truepower 400w

xp sp2


New Member
thanks... though i did find that searching for help (this site looks god awful in 4-bit color mode btw 8)) but i am already at the latest nvidia drivers and reinstalling them did nothing, the video card would not respond and windows still said it had some kind of resource problem.


Active Member
How much ram do you have? 3gig switch? could be a bios or a boot ini setting the causes lack of free system memory. I had to use the userva=2800 setting. But in my case the uad went unrecognised wich is ofcourse better then the videocard.


New Member
well now it doesn't really matter much because my computer doesn't boot anymore. time for a reinstall, i hope what little i had on my system drive isn't gone completely.
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