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*edit* Anyone with PCI/PCIe MB and Magma PCI-PCI?


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http://www.chrismilne.com/uadforums/vie ... php?t=5983
*edit* As I haven't got any reply to my main subject P5W DH Deluxe and Magma, I've changed it to more general. I need a board where I can combine PCIe and PCI with EMU 1820M and MAGMA with UAD-1 PCI where UAD only shares with each other and EMU shares with nothing.
Sorry for the crosspost, but since it is a UAD-1 question, and yet not, I put the link in here. Hope it's OK :oops:



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Bump. changed the scoop a little.


the DH board will work!~ however i recommend the G2-WS its a multi buss board.



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Thanks Scott,

But the G2 WS has 2 PCI, 2 PCIe and 2 PCIx. Cant see any direct use of PCIx, and it doesnt support Quad (but maybe that's only a matter of time)
What's multibus (or is it the three types above :oops: )

What I need is a board to host a QX6700 and host my EMU 1820M PCI inside, and will distribute enough unshared IRQ's to my 7 slot Magma.

The ideal solution would be a board with three PCI, all with it's own IRQ's and the three IRQ's would be repeated in the Magma.
Then I would get at least two pairs of the same IRQ in the magma to place my UAD's and one apart from them to put my EMU :p

Do you know if a Magma PCI in any of these boards will get the number of IRQ's equal to the number of PCI slots at the MB?
Like G2 with two PCI for example gets 22 & 23 and will repeat 22,23,22,23,22,23,22 in the magma and DH with three PCI slots gets 21,22,23 and repeating 21,22,23,21,22,23,21 in the MAgma?
(thats how my P4C800dlx behaves with 5 PCI slots where PCI&PCI5 shares. I have 20,21,22,23 in the slots and 21,22,23,20,21,22,23 in the Magma)

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