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Eliosound AirEQ Group Buy


Active Member
syncrosoft :(

Otherwise I would be interested.

Great for all you Cubase guys though I guess...


Sadly, left this world before his time.
At least they give you the option of getting the dongle for free, though.


Active Member
seeing as I am a devout Samplitude disciple, I have a spare syncrosoft dongle kicking around :wink: Count me in on this if enough people can be round up..


.mr chris

Active Member
anybody already tested/ compared to/ with:
- UAD Precision EQ
- UAD Pultecs
- URS mix series
- Algorithmix EQs? (RED/ Blue)?
- others?



Sadly, left this world before his time.
Very brief test with a female vocal recorded some time ago with a cheap condenser; it lacked air, so boosted with both AirEQ and Precision EQ @ 20K @44.1KHz with a hi shelf. Boosting 8dB, AirEQ sounds a lot smoother than our beloved Precision EQ, which sounds a bit harsh in comparison; however, Eliosound say that an xdB boost with their EQ is not always xdB, but rather what they think an engineer would expect to hear from an xdB boost, so I don't know what's really happening.

Nevertheless, it's damn smooth.


to me, the UA PEQ sounds like cardboard compared to the AirEQ. I compared the AirEQ to UA Pultec, Cambridge, PEQ, Sonalksis, Voxengo Gliss and Harmonic, and a few others, but none sounded anything like the AirEQ at the same basic settings.

I still love all the other EQs though...they all find their place on something.


Active Member
Jumped in yesterday... this EQ is amazing in terms of sound quality and
very \"musica\"l usage. To me it is also charming because of low CPU and low latency..
Wondering how the guy did that great EQ without oversampling? :?:


Active Member
As I've written elsewhere, I won't go for the dongle path, so unless they change their mind and release a dongle-less version, my money will go to some other developer (or if I can, to some \"hardware\" brand).

Off-topic, but lately I've bought Zebra 2 which offers dongle-less copy protection, and like me a lot of people did (and appreciated the method). I'm sure it would sell a lot less if it was dongled. Think about that...

Arys Chien

Active Member

To me, it looks like an Avalon, and really sounds like one.

Unfortunately, I don't favor the Avalon sound personally. I can use it, but not on the \"front row\" sounds like vocals or a somewhat intimate piano.

The sound quality is amazing considering its low latency and CPU consumption. Yet I don't think it really \"tops\" the UAD-1 eqs. Sort of like in the same league, but different divisions.

What I don't like about it is that it's too obvious that very often it won't sound as natural as other UAD-1 eqs. If you cut or boost something, you can almost always \"see\" the things you did.

What I really love about it is the \"AIR\" section. It's like what Eliosound says, not an exciter, but doing it more musically. I put one on the vocal track without activating any other part of the eq sections but the \"AIR\" with 1dB boost. Amazing. A great add-on for the UAD-1 1073.

I am joining the group buy, just because of this \"AIR\" section. To me it's really worth it with the group buy price.



I hate dongles. The only thing that made me plugged a dongle to my PC was the Vienna Instruments.

Luckily Eliosound uses the same dongle so that I don't have to buy one.

UNLUCKILY, I entered the activation code for the demo version of the AirEQ. It's not working. Got an error message saying something about device ID not matching. Gave up and used the limited demo version.

Really gotta hate those dongles. When they just don't work. :evil:

.mr chris

Active Member

did some listening test, so, as always: ALL IMHO

AirEQ: cool, nice, smooth, good performance for the $ or € ;)

I made also some settings with the URS Fulltec, which sounded very close to the \"Air\" band... also with PMB in EQ mode, the GEQ etc.

To me it sounds \"pultec EQ curved stylish\", \"musical\" as we described the Pultecs (long before the AirEQ).

Well, there is one (native) EQ which sounded \"better\" to me, more transparent, etc, well IMHO, and no surprise, the Algorithmix Blue.

As said already, nice *native* EQ to complement the tools(IF needed).

... and still, the UAD Neves(+Pultecs, ....) are \"on another planet\" (at least for me...)



Active Member
I just participated in the group buy after testing the Air Eq more. It really sounds great so I guess I have to live with another dongle. And I also found out that you can use the Air Eq just as a low pass / high pass filter which sound really nice too. Maybe the best native eq plugin I've tried and when I load it in logic, my cpu meter doesn't say anything and I'm with dual 1.8GHz G5. So the eq is as light as URS eq's!

Everybody go and buy this thing now! :D
There's only 2 days left in the group buy and we get 35% off already.


Established Member
Arys Chien said:
What I really love about it is the "AIR" section.
Yes, it is what I like the most. Like much more how it cut than boost however. For sure it is an interesting eq because his low cpu, on that side it beats easily the PLParEq and which is mostly the only native I'm using, but I still I like much more the later.
The dongle is not a problem (SX-Halion), so 2 days left to push further and maybe to be convinced...



Established Member
Looks OK, however what does this EQ that others don't?

It pretty much looks like UAD Precision EQ too me.

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
I find it to be a nice \"general\" EQ - Not as sterile as the Cambridge, not as \"smooth\" (for lack of a better term) as the PEQ.

I am, however, banking on a future M/S mode on the beast...
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