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EQ Pre -and- Post Compressor


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At the risk of 'double-dipping'.

I have been working on this song which is posted in the Songs section...


The song has two very typical problems for -me-
1. Lots of proximity effect on certain vocal bits as I have a -wide- dynamic range when I sing (and probably crap mic technique).

2. Lots of problems with bass guitar being uneven when switching from 'slap' style to fingers. Either the bottom is too 'woofy' or the top too bright.

Many have suggested multiple compressors or multi-band compressors but I never found that I could zone in on exactly the right freqs with these.

My conclusion is that the compressor -really- changes the tone of the low end (duh!) so this time I tried running a Cambridge before -and- after the compressor with basically the same settings on each EQ.

This seems to have helped a LOT. The 'woof' in both the voice (proximity) and the bass have been minimized and both sound a lot clearer, but without losing the 'oomph'.

Anyway, it's worth a try if you haven't already done so.



New Member
Beside bass I also see problem with the keyboard EQ ( and keyboard place in the song ), but that's only me.. :wink:



Something that has helped me when i can't get an even performance such as you bass track, is putting a \"desser\" type of side chain compressor before any other eq or compressor. Say, for instance, you could put it at 120hz or lower for the boominess of the bass and it would not affect the slap sound. same for the vocals. For me, sometimes i need to put it on the mids when i am belting, you could do the same for the proximity affect.

Good luck.
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