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Err=30 Cubase 4.1?


Established Member
Never got this before. I thought it was mainly a Sonar issue.

Anyone else? What do I do?

It used to be that I'd get the 'One or more plug-ins was unable to load'.

GOD, I love UAD-1 but the unhelpful error messages are positively STEINBERGIAN.

If a plug-in can't load, I want to know WHICH frickin' instance on WHICH frickin' track. Is that too much to ask? I ask ya? :mrgreen:



Established Member
Help! Bump!

I sure wish I could figure out -which- among the 30-40 instances I've got running are causing the problem.



Established Member
Just got off the phone with UA tech support. Less than thrilling. The guy didn't even know what 'Error 30' meant. Grrrrr....

But here's what I found on my own experimenting.

There is a DEFINITE relationship between the audio card latency, the project file and the UAD-1. Which is -bad-.

1. Open a CPR and start working. I'm working at 256 samples in my RME card.

2. At some point, open the audio card properties and change the latency to a higher value (in my case 1024).

3. Save project.

4. Change audio properties back to 256 or -whatever- samples.

5. Re-open project from step #1. THAT causes the error.

6. Now change the audio properties to 1024 and try reloading CPR. It should load OK.

BOY is that annoying!!!!!!!!

I change sample rates all the time based on whether I'm tracking (lower latency---many tracks disabled) or mixing (need maximum horsepower). I NEVER had a problem switching sample rates before this.



Venerated Member
Sorry JC...
I've never really had the error 30 unless I switch something around in Samplitude.
Which is no longer an issue.
Also in Reaper.
Never in Cubase.
But, it really only appeared when working at high sample rates. Like 88.2 or 96khz.


I've had it yesterday. Unable to load plugs with 17 % dsp on the meter in Cubase 4.1. It could simply be resolved by restarting Cubase and yes, I had changed the asio driver before. Maybe that was the issue.

Cubase needs some finetuning updatewise. :|
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