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error 30 buffer mismatch. Plugin failed to load.


New Member
has anyone had this error and now has a stable working uad card? if so what did you do to solve this problem? i have uad-1 studio with sonar 3 and a echo layla 24/96 sound card. i also have changed the latency and buffer settings in my sound card and also in sonar all to no avail. if you have a stable system working with sonar could you please give me your specs as far as latency buffer settings and the like .
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Hepworth

Master of the UADiverse
Forum Admin
I've had the error a handful of times. Usually closing then reopening the app will solve it. If that doesn't, check to make sure your interface is set to \"Master\" for its sync. On a couple rare occasions I've had that as well.


New Member
There is no fix. It started with release UAD 4.0 and Sonar 5.0.
I have discussed it with UAD. They said it was an issue with Sonar 5.0, but it sounds like you get it in an earlier version. It is a highly repeatable error in Sonar 5.0. Just open the Audio dialogue window to adjust the buffer size and close the window and you will get the error. I was hoping the UAD would address it in 4.1 or Sonar in 5.1 but nether company did.
It does not cause any serious damage to the mix to my knowledge like error =21 does. It occurs with ASIO or WMA drivers.


I've noticed the same thing - just opening \"audio\" in Sonar 5 causes the err=30 message. I just close the message and the project and re-open (a couple of times I ran the project anyway looking for the UAD-1 plugin that didn't load - they all loaded and were working).

Of all my problems right now between Sonar5 and UAD-1 v4.0 and V4.1 this is the least significant, with err=21 being the biggest pain in my ass.
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