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expanding an x4 with ADAT in a portable setup?

Got a puzzle for anyone who is quite experience with mobile / travel recording:

I recently got an x4 for a mobile / travel setup. I'm a producer who does a ton of remote jam sessions, where the goal is to capture musicians playing together in a room for the first time. Usually this is in a studio environment or someone's home studio, but (for one reason or another) I often need to bring a sufficient amount of inputs to capture everything I'd like. I like the Apollo system for my own personal / production use, and I'm looking longingly at that ADAT input, with the possibility of getting up to 8 additional channels into the x4 while traveling! Really, even 4 additional inputs would be great.

So here's the puzzle. Does anyone know of a portable (ideally a half rack or smaller, less than 1U) set of inputs (mic or line) which could output via ADAT to the Apollo? For some reason, I can't seem to find this kind of thing– a portable set of inputs that can go out through ADAT. Like I said, I'd be happy with 4 inputs, as long as I could get them all into the Apollo's interface in one go.

Any ideas?


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Can't think of anything less than 1U rack space offhand but lots of good options in the single rack unit form factor
Here is a relatively new product that looks quite good from Audient - I think a few people here have tried these maybe someone can chime in with some real world experience reviews - https://evo.audio/products/mic-preamps/evo-sp8/overview/
these are at a nice price for the very good feature set
off the top of my head Focusrite Octopre and the ART TubeOpto adat expander come in around a similar price range of $500ish otherwise the Audient ASP 800 and 880 are solid performers at the next price level up.
With a bit of proper pre purchase research you should be able to find something good that fits your setup and budget -

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
I believe that most (if not all) MOTU interfaces can operate as standalone converters.


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Check the manual but yes a motu ultralite can be set as standalone as far as I know. That would give you two additional preamps and 6 line inputs / 8 line outputs over adat. Maybe you can snatch a used mk4 for a good price, and that can double as a backup audio interface if needed


The Audient iD44? Not sure about standalone use, but has small form factor, four pres, and ADAT io.

*update - apparently does have a standalone mode.

- Richard
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It has apparently. The MOTU seems more road worthy but audient pres are great
Wow, I seriously spent hours looking for something exactly like the Ultralite... could have sworn there would be ADAT-capable interfaces that could send their inputs out in standalone. I'll be picking one up and testing. Tysm everyone!

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
btw, the best expansion for an Apollo is...a second Apollo!

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