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Fairchild compressor tips


New Member
I have just buy the Fairchild 690. I would like to have tips how to use it .
-For single track
-For Mastering
How/When to use the DC bias and time constant settings


Established Member
Hello there, and welcome.

If you do a search you'll find plenty, but very recently there was one regarding bass guitar (it should still be on the front page). In there I describe my personal favourite way of using it for single tracks, which was initially suggested for mastering by the user imdrecordings.

I love it for parallel drum compression. Route a pre-volume send of your drum overheads and your kick direct mic to the Fairchild on a bus and bring that in below your drums. You'll know you've got it when the kick starts ducking the cymbals and they do that Ringo thing and sustain forever. Hell, you could even use this as the basis of your main drum sound if your going for a Beatles sound.
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