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Fairchild sidechain switch - What does it do?


New Member

I'm looking to get Project Pak, and use $150 coupon to get Fairchild. If you guys can give me better overview about UAD plugins that would be much appreciatedm but my first question is, what does the switch \"sidechain\" do? I use Cubase 4, and from what I know UAD plugins are still VST 2, so they can't use C4 internal sidechain feature. Also, there is a trick to get sidechain compression with VST 2 using C4 quad channel, but that does not require any kind of switch. So, my question is, what does it do, and how do you use it?



Welcome vanhaabe,

the fairchild sidechain is nothing like C4-sidechaining.

It can be used for splitting the comp into a mid/side-compressor. There are four modes possible with the 'AGC' switch and the 'Sidechain Link'. But really hard to explain, what exactly they do, if you haven't heard it.

Fairchild is a wonderful plug to have in many respects, though not the easiest to learn. Do a forum search, there were few experts speaking in the past 8)


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The values of the sidechain switch are \"link\" and \"unlink\" for stereo use usually the sidecahins are linked so the stereo image doesn't drift but for music without drums for example some people like to leave the sidechains unlinked so each channel compresses individually, and in combination with the Lat/Vert mode of compression it can do interesting things to the stereo image, cool for percussion loops


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The sidechain basically controls the mono signal, this is useful for compressing vocals or guitars in two-track content. The side control basically stays where it is, so everything else stays in phase. I hope that makes sense.


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That's true in Lat/vert mode :)

The sidechain switch unlinks the sidechains so you have a dual mono (not stereo) compressor, or, as stated above, unlinks the lat/vert sidechains when you're in lat/vert mode.

The sidechains I am referring to are the sidechains for the two compressors in the Fairchild.
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