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Favorite Multiband Limiter?


Established Member
while i have yet to understand it's greatness, the Sonalksis CQ1 is favoured by many of my fellow \"engineers\".

to be honest i'm not too impressed by anything \"sonalksis\" but that might just be my usual \"nah, it doesn't have a magical good-sound-button, i can't be bothered to twist those knobs\" -disease.

i do wish i could afford to give sonalksis a fair shot though.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
The MD3 is the only one I've been very happy with but I'm not fond of MBC's to begin with.


Active Member
I like the multiband compressor/limiter in Ozone, but I've never used just that feature by itself, so maybe it's all the other cool tricks it does...


I prefer TC MD3 for mastering (in rare occasions when I need MBC on the final mix), but UAD MBC is my new secret weapon in vocal chain ;)


i have a cheap listening system. the MBC sounds good to me (even better than ozone but that's just my opinion).

correctness aside, i try everything on everything. and yes the MBC is great on vocals like danilop said. it could be my mic, but the vocals thin out on loud parts (without any effects or plugs). it's a KSM32 and thats what i dont like about it. it could sound grating on the ear sometimes. this is where the MBC shines. it is difficult to learn though and i'm still climbing that curve as it's very easy to ruin a signal with it as well.

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
Does it have to be software? I've got a modified Aphex Dominator II MBL which is about the only MBA (multi-band-anything) that I use on even a remotely normal basis.

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
\"Mystery Mods\" at this point - I'm sending it in to have it further hot-rodded.

I got it used through a broker - It was labeled as \"modified\" by the owner. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that it's QUIET... Desperately quiet compared to the MFG's specs. Which is awesome, as I planned on sending it out right away to have some \"quiet\" mods made immediately -- I've been using it \"as-is\" since I installed it just to test it.

I'm hoping to shut down for a week in July or August... I have a few pieces that are going out for hot-rodding and modding at that point.

What I want now is to completely take the tone and density controls out of the circuit and see if I can't have the metering read .1 or .25 from where it's at now - 15dB?!? I never use more than 1 or 2dB of limiting with it. But those tone and density controls... Oy... Get those things away... Mess with those for a minute and you can figure out in a heartbeat which local radio stations are using the 722...


To me, the one feature which makes the UAD1 multiband very useful is the mix knob. I like using multiband for parallel compression, typically less than 30% in \"the mix\".



hi diggo. can you elaborate on the way you use parallel compression as opposed to linear? thanks.
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