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First post in here! Little suggestion with UAD-1 purchase...


New Member
First post in here...since I'm pretty interested to get a PROJECT PAK DSP UAD-1 or eventually an EXPRESS PACK UAD-1, I'd like to ask you guys if can I use'em without problems with my computer (1.8 GHz PowerPC G5, 3 GB, Tiger OSX 10.4.8, Mbox1 PT LE 7.1). I'm asking you because of the \"General Apple Power Mac G5 System\" tips:
- The UAD-1 works with all G5 systems that have either PCI or PCI-X (but not PCIe) slots.
- The UAD-1e works with the most recent G5 systems that have PCIe (but not PCI or PCI-X) slots.
- The best performance with the UAD-1 is obtained with G5 systems that DO NOT use the AMD-8131 PCI controller chipset.
- The best G5 model for UAD-1 performance which we have tested and recommend is part number M9747LL/A, Power Mac G5 Dual 2GHz, with three PCI (not PCI-X) slots.
- The most recent G5 system without PCIe slots is part number M9749LL/A, Power Mac G5 Dual 2.7GHz, with three PCI-X (not PCIe slots).
- G5 systems that use the AMD-8131 PCI-X controller will likely get lower plug-in instance counts than those shown in the instance count charts.

Any help?!
Than since I ain't no computer master, is it difficult to set-fit it to my computer? Do I need a tech-guy doing it?!
Thanks in advance!



Active Member
I ain't no computer master either but i think its safe to say that, yes, your card will work fine in your G5. I would check UA's website 'cause I know they have some info which will help you ascertain whether you have the AMD chipset or not. If you do, you might waste a little DSP but its not the end of the world. I have the AMDs in my G5 and it works fine.
If you're good with following directions you should have no problem installing the card yourself.
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