For Sale: Magma Expresscard to 2 Slot PCI (MBP users etc.)


Hi folks,

I`m selling a Magma Expresscard to 2 Slot PCI Expansion Unit. It`s perfect for Macbook Pro or other notebook owners with an Expresscard slot who want to use their UADs, Powercores or other PCI-cards with it. It comes with Windows and Mac drivers. For more information visit the Magma-Website (I`m not allowed to make links yet).

The chassis is in mint condition. I never took the chassis on the road. It was always in my clean, smoke-free studio. I bought it in June (this year) from Magma USA directly. It comes with the original packaging and content (Manual, drivers, expresscard/cable etc.) and also with the invoice (for warranty, support etc.) by Magma.

Price at Magma store: $1059

Please send me a PM with a fair offer if you`re interested. Don`t waste your and my time with absurd bids. Just to inform you: I have 110 Ebay points and 100% positive feedback. This time I would like to try to sell it here first though ;).

(I`m located in Switzerland)

p.s. I`m also selling one of my UADs with Cambridge, Dreamverb, Fairchild, Pultec Pro, LA2A, Plate 140, CE-1 (+Project Pack). (See other thread/can`t make links yet).
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