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free side chaining plugin!


New Member
The side chain plug-in is great ( been looking for one for years) but I cannot get it to side chain more than one thing.

For example:

I put the side chain in (for example a vocal track) and the first one auto sets the output to to virtual ALPHA

I then put a second one on the guitar. The second plug-in sets its output to BETA
I then select the second plugins input as ALPHA and set it to duck and it ducks the guitar when the vocal is present. (great)

I then try to add a third plug in to a Kick drum hoping to duck the Bass from the Kick, but it automatically set the output to BETA (which has already been selected as the output for the one I am using as a \"receiver\" of Alpha output (the vocal channel).

I then set a forth one to the Bass channel and it defaults to Beta as the out put as well. ???

I select the Beta as an input for the Bass Channel and the guitar signal is sent to duct the Bass instead of the Kick Channel. (Not what I was trying to do)

How can I get two separate side chains going for example

A > duct B

C > duct D

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