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New Member
I was reading somewhere in another forum that you can freeze tracks in logic and it will take the load off on the uad card completely... I updated to the newest software release for AU and I notice a drop in the uad cpu when in freeze mode but cpu on the UAD card is not completely free... i'm at 96k as well is this normal?

Dual 2.0 g5 tiger 10.4.3 Logic 7.1.1 Most current AU UAD Software



Established Member
do you use the bypass buttons on the uad plugs? Otherwise they stay loaded. Or you can use the 'release all dsp sources on Audiounit bypass' mode in the Uad-performance meter > configurations window. Never tried it though; let us know if it works 8)



New Member
Thanks it worked... I'm embarrased I never knew that control panel exhisted... I can't wait to get the plate reverb! I'm demoing it now!
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