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First off I have to say that sonically I find the UA plug in's to be amazing.
However, using PT 6.9.2 or 7.1 on a dual 1.25 with 1 UA card, I'm being completely frustrated with latency issues. Yes, I can use the delay comp plug in on all NON UA channels but of course, using PT's automatic delay compensation for all OTHER plug in latency creates a math problem the likes of which is simply untenable and totally un-intuitive in the context of a large mix. Just try using a few UA plugs on various channels of a drum kit for example, group them all in to a St. Aux return and put say, a Fairchild across the drum group. And have PT compensation on. Go ahead, YOU do the math. It's totally insane.
End result is I'm using WAY less UA gear than I would like because insanity is impending!
Also, I'm having all kinds of trouble in panther/6.9.2 with various UA plug's not working in Stereo, especially the Precision Limiter and yes, I've done the fixes suggested in this forum to no avail.

Another bitch!
I have thought a way around all this is to simply break down and buy TDM versions such as they exist.
However, the DSP usage is very high. When I look at charts of the URS plug in's, they often get up to 500% MORE efficiency with chip usage than the TDM UA plugs.
All's I'm saying is I'm damn well bummed out because I LOVE this gear.
But, at this point my frustration is coming to a head and I'm thinking of investing elsewhere down the road for all these reasons.
I suppose the vst-rtas conversion will eventually fix the \"only one channel\" working with different plug's but when I look at the madness of latency, the inefficiency of DSP usage on the accel card, I'm about to say to hell with it.
What a drag.

If anyone out there can suggest anything to enlighten me, fixes or alternatives I would appreciate it.
Otherwise, this is purely a rant and a very disappointed one at that.



Sadly, left this world before his time.
Sorry, can't help, I'd only like to say that the delay compensation thing is not UA's fault; it's Digidesign who refuses to implement it on LE/M-Powered. All other sequencers in this category have full PDC AFAIK.


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I don't use protools, so I'm not sure how and if it's pdc works, but can't you use the trackadvance plugin on all channels you send to the bus with the fairchild? Maybe you can make a template with on every track a trackadvance plug bypassed and switch the on when you need them?



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I emailed Casey Schultheis at UA tech support with the same rant as my original post. I've tweaked according to his suggestions. For whatever reason, the 4.1 UA update has solved the \"one channel only\" problem with the Precision limiter and this is in Pro Tools 7.1 / Tiger 10.4.3 despite FXpansion having only a Beta wrapper, unreleased for PT 7 at this point.
I dunno, it's working!

Further, at his suggestion I rewrapped the plugs with a buffer of 256 and at this point, using up to 3 UA plug's (in this case) per stereo channel, the latency is LOW ENOUGH to be dealt with by Pro Tools latency compensation automatically.
I have been saved!
I believe even PT LE/M have latency compensation in Ver. 7 as well.
I still lament that the TDM versions are such dsp hogs but that's another story and from the sounds of how these plugs are designed, not much to be done about it.
Casey also explained how Digi has made it difficult for UA to do certain things regarding TDM and RTAS which as most of us Digi users know, is not an uncommon issue with 3rd party developers.
Anyway, I retract a good deal of my rant and thank Casey profusely!
And apologize for taking up bandwidth when my own ignorance was largely to do with the enormity of this latency issue and how I had wrapped the plugs.
In fact, perhaps the moderator should remove my post.

Thanks Casey!


Sadly, left this world before his time.
mftorso said:
In fact, perhaps the moderator should remove my post.
Apart from the rant, a solution to most of these issues has been posted as well, so, IMO, this topic is useful to exist in the database.


mftorso said:
I believe even PT LE/M have latency compensation in Ver. 7 as well.

Unfortunately, it does not! I was just checking the PT 7.0 M-Powered demo out and there is no facility for it. I was following along with the "Setting Up the VST-RTAS Adapter" in PT tutorial below and there is no "Delay Compenstation Engine" option available when setting up the "Playback Engine". There is no facility for turning the 'Delay Compensation" on, nor a "Delay Compensation View". All of which is demontrated, in the Pro Tools HD tutorial, from UA:


That's a deal breaker in my book. Just about every native audio host app (even one's selling for $150.00) these day's has full PDC. Cripes, even SONAR Home Studio, which can be had for under $100, has full PDC! Not having full PDC is too much, of a PITA, and certainly not very "Pro", IMO. I have a Delta 66 (which now has PT compatible drivers) and I was foolishly thinking about getting PT 7.0 M-Powered. I am glad I checked out the demo first before wasting my money. :wink:


New Member

Wow. No delay comp. in LE/M??
I can only attest as a sometimes LE/M user, presently HD, that this whole issue is one of the most difficult and unmusical issues I've dealt with in my 8 years of workstation activity.
I can attest that the relief I'm feeling at the moment, knowing I no longer have to use a calculator to figure out track disparity from one to the next is sublime!
It's one thing to have this issue amongst a few tracks but in a large mix it's absolute torture and an underminer of sonic/professional confidence.
IF PT LE/M has not implemented a delay comp in Ver. 7, it's a travesty.
Hell, it should have been there long ago as it has in most any other workstation application.
I guess this is turning in to a rant directed at digidesign, or the LE/M versions.
Phew! Again I thank Casey for hipping me to the proper way in which to \"wrap\" the vst for rtas.
Good luck all. This is a tough issue and even in HD as using delay comp at hi enough settings to deal with most problems is a a dsp consumer.


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Re: latency

mftorso said:
I guess this is turning in to a rant directed at digidesign, or the LE/M versions.
I think a rant doesn't change anything, but count me in... :roll: :wink:

I bought PTLE mainly for it's audio editing features, and I also start to love its workflow, but the 32 track limit and missing delay compensation makes it hard to work with when you are used to work with (for example) Cubase. Even Cubase SE offers more features. And what makes me totally mad is the answers you get on the digidesign forums: "...if you want these features, there is the HD systems..." :?



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Those answers may make you angry but it's all part and parcel with digi's business plan and proprietary marketing.

If they make their \"paid demo\" software full feature they'd stand lose a portion of HD system sales so there's no incentive for them to do so.
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