FS: Kenton Control Freak Original $100


FS: Kenton Control Freak Original $100
Asking Price: US$100
Condition: Mint
Age: 2 years
FS: Kenton Control Freak Original $100

This is a mint MIDI controller with 8 faders, 8 buttons, and is encased in a solid black steel box. Has MIDI In/Out/Thru, variable and switch footpedal inputs
This is in mint condition, and can be used with any computer software package (e.g. Cubase, Logic, Sonar, etc.), or as a controller for most MIDI capable synths.
Includes manual and 9V power supply.

8 fully-programmable 60mm sliders

8 fully-programmable push-buttons

128 user memory locations, each capable of storing assignments for every slider and button

4 programmable function keys (x2 with shift key)

4 edit keys and data entry knob

Two-line, back-lit LCD display

MIDI in/Out/Thru sockets

Two 1/4îexternal input jacks which may be used with a foot pedal to replace any slider or button. May also be used for CV/Gate to MIDI conversion!

Intuitive, easy-to-use editing and user-interface

Pre-programmed with profiles for a wide range of popular applications

more info: http://www.kentonuk.com/products/cfrk_original.shtml

Buyer pays shipping. I accept Paypal (best) check or money order.

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I have been searching for your model for days and I am interested in buying it. I am in Australia-Sydney.

I see you put $100us, are you able to tell me what it will be in Australian $$$.

Please reply to humphrey01@unwired.com.au

Your Faithfully,

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Hey there. Do you still have that Kenton Control Freak Original available? I'd be interested if so.


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