FS Neumann U87 Ai Full set / Neumann M149 Full Set


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Be careful buying from Singapore. I needed to meet a tech rider, so I bought a \"Sennheiser\" wireless mic for a great price on e-bay from a company listed as being in PA USA. When tracking info said that it was being sipped from Singapore, it seemed strange.

When I got it, it looked just a tiny bit different from the pics on the Sennheiser web site. I emailed Sennheiser, and they asked me to send pics. I did. It was counterfeit. A really good copy externally, but it didn't sound even close. They didn't respond to my emails, so I disputed it with pay pal.

After a bit of a battle, I ended up getting all my cash back except for the shipping. I had to rent one to meet the tech rider, and I donated the mic to my church. It works as well as any $200 wireless, but certainly not worth the $1000 I almost paid. :oops:

i forgot to mention

We, Dreambox Studio, is an authorized dealer for sennheiser asia line of products.

call Sennheiser Asia Singapore office to check.

Since we're a studio also, as mentioned on our ebay, if you're in singapore, come on down our studio, buy it 100 USD off ebay price !
Isn't it great ?

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