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Future for Plugs


New Member
Are any plugins I buy now going to transfer to any new cards in the future such as those created for the soon to show up intell pci-e g5 replacements? Or am I going to be having to buy all new when I continue on the bleeding edge. I remember boxes of sample cell cards and never went to pro-tools because of that. Have I strayed back into the no-upgrade hell of being stuck to hardware. I feel slightly faint about this as my other option is waves and other sound like digital stuff. Does anyone think they will have a trade in kinda thing(that never works). Knowing apple if I keep up to date with logic Audio and that will require the latest OS then G5's will bairly work in a short while. I am really concerned that I have made a bad investment in the future except for my LA-610's. Is UA really into supporting the mac or only as an afterthought for windows. MOTU is on board. Apogee. No UA formal anouncement then no more plugins from them in my near future. The short statement on the site does not give any solid answer. I wanted to get the mastering suite. Im going to wait. For now.


Active Member
I hear you Duane! I run Logic on a dual 2 gig PCi-x G5 and I'm itching to buy the ultra pak but the thought of dropping a grand on something that i can't take with me when I next upgrade my computer makes me hesitate. And as you mentioned, the decision would come easier if UA would let us know what their plans are.
Maybe next week at Music Messe? I'm not holding my breath.


Active Member
I don't know anything more than any of you, but everything UA have done so far shows that they are a very cool company deeply dedicated to their customers.

Maybe they won't offer an upgrade plan for their hardware, but most likely you wouldn't have to purchase the plugins you allready own again.

Look at their bundles and how they keep giving people who's allready purchased several of the plugins discounts to be in line with people who purchase the whole bundle at once. That's fair for you.


New Member
Fair plug and play

I have to admit UA has kept me feeling warm and fuzzy about the way they do things. I am just a little gun shy having been cut off at one point with hardware and by having been a Studio Vision user.Still mad at Gibson for buying and destroying that software. I'm still converting old Vision Songs into usable bits in logic. I also lose sleep sometimes wondering about the future of Logic. I think Im just insecure. Hey how long are my CDR's gonna last!


Active Member
CD-Rs last about 100 years.

Better make back ups!!! =)
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