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g4 dp 1ghz, logic 6.4.2, uad-1 = pop,clicks and freeze os9


New Member
I work on mac os9.2.2 with an apple G4 mirrored face ,dual processor 1GHz,a logic 6.4.2 with medium buffer range, 512ko sized, uad in \"live mode\",and my sound card is a RME AD8DS+Digiface, and when I insert an uad plug in(wathever on a track ,a bus or an output) I have weirds sounds(a lot of digitals clics) and sometimes,it crashes. not when I'm in mono processor but I need to work in dualprocessor mode. .so I tried to insert an I/O plug in like you suggest in your support page but without any success.(in that case I disabled the \"live mode\")
before i installed version 3.9.0 ,it happened but very rarely, now it's almost every time, must I use an older version af uad driver?
is there an issue with the pci-slot i use for my uad and/or for my rme?,cause I have an ATI /Radeon 9800pro and an Adaptec 29160(SCSI) connected too.
I hope you 'll be able to help me very soon because I'm really in the \"...\" with my old project that I have to reopen at this day.
thanks a lot.
impatient to read you very soon, very very very soon.
thanks . marckle


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Keep in mind that this is not an official Universal Audio UAD-1 forum. UA's James Cigler usually visits the forum and happily supports Mac users, but if you want some answer quickly, you'd better contact UA directly, either by calling them or e-mailing them.


Active Member
First of all are you using your SCSI drive for your audio files?

If yes, remove the file to another disk and try again.

It may act the same way to the other drive if you have record it to the SCSI first.

Do this: record a fresh file with a few tracks to the SCSI first and see if you have clicks.
Now rerecord the file to the other disk and see what happends.If now you dont have clicks its for sure the SCSI.
I dont know why but it is!

i had similar problems as I have also adaptec 29160.

there is my post about it
http://www.chrismilne.com/uadforums/vie ... php?t=3473
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