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G4 or G5 with two UADs ?

Hello everybody,

I need some advice here, I just made some money with my G3 300 plus one UAD-1 and now there is the time to invest it. (at least I thought so.)
Right now it looks like you can`t buy a G4 (dual 1,25) because it`s so exorbitant expensive (plus not up to date) compared to the G5 which has this UAD- problems. (I need to buy a new machine for tax reasons.)
Are there any G4 dual 1,25 and G5 users who have two UAD-Cards and could share their actual experience with their systems ?

I want to use Cubase SX 2.2 and I mainly record traditional instruments, so there isn`t that much to do for the CPU but providing say 50 audio-tracks and 8 audio ins and outs.
Is a G4 dual or maybe even a single 1,25 capable of providing this and how is the performance then ? I mean my G3 (OS 9/ VST 5.1) is really hard working with 32 tracks open !
And is a G5 sort of overpowered for this ? How is the actual performance of a G5 with two UAD-1s ? Any ideas and comments ? Thank you very much !


Active Member
hi I have a single g4 1ghz with 2 uad 1 cards

and when using cubase sl I can record more than 8 tracks

more in the area of 20 -30 tracks

Niklas Eriksson

New Member
I'm not the one to say for sure, but i think its a mistake to go with a new G4. The increased power of the G5s can more then enough compensate for the raised CPU host load. And when reading the June Webzine I think the next release, 3.5.2, will even further fix the small problems.

I'm running two UAD-1s on a single 1.8 ghz and its capabilities is massive compared to even the fastest double G4.

And since its sound we are working with, the silence of the G5 is a true bliss. The G4 fan noise is much much louder.


if you are looking for a g4, I am selling a quicksilver 867 with over a gig of ram and a super drive. Also have a 2408mk2 and amt8 midi interface
Hello Niklas,

thanks for your reply ! (and thanks to the G4-guys as well !)

I read a post in the old forum, where someone actually sent his G5 back for a G4, because he was so disappointed with the performance of the UAD - G5 combination.

That is a strong argument !

It´s very confusing at the moment, because there are so many different statements.
The companies themselves haven`t yet sorted out, whether this issues are software or hardware related and I at least don`t feel comfortable with the idea of having to buy another G5 in 6 months because apple have possibly fixed their hardware problems by then (if there are any...!?).

I`d love to buy a G5, but the fact that they are out now for over a year and there is a second revision and they still have this issues, makes me a bit suspicious.

It would be very helpful, if you could be more specific concerning \"increased CPU Host Loads\" and \"small problems\".
What will I have to deal with, when I buy a G5, can I get my work done ?
You don`t have crashes like others in this forum when the UAD-1-meter shows more than 65% ?
You don`t have to reboot every now and then because you`ve driven the UADs to hard for the G5 ? No pops, crackles, dropouts ?

If not, then there is hope and I can cancel my G4 order and can get me a G5 too !

Thank you very much and all the best.

van Overhalen




This is an interesting thread . Lurking here trying to find some (positive:)) experiences from users with a UAD and Powercore in a DP G5 ... :)

Thinking about going for DP 2Ghz and Logic Pro.... using a RME HDSP9652

Best regards,


For what it's worth...

I am running Logic Pro on a dual 2 gig G5, and am not experiencing any problems.

All this talk about \"increased CPU loads\" has me a bit baffled, because I have not experienced that.

Now I will admit that I don't \"load up\" a mix with UAD-1 plug-ins, but typically for me, an average mix will include 3 or 4 LA2A's, 1 or 2 1176's, 3 or 4 Cambridge EQ's, 1 or 2 Pultecs, and either a Dreamverb or Realverb pro.

When I had my G4, this was a typical scenario for me, so based on my experiences, the UAD-1 is doing what I need it too, on a G5.


New Member
dual g5 2 ghz with uad-1

hello - i have a g5 since january 04 and a uad-1. since the last update of cubase sx 2 and the latest uad-driver update everything works good with the uad IF i do not use my m-audio1010lt audio card at the same time for monitoring. i also have a tc-powercore card they work good together. i use the internal audio card for listening. go and buy your g5!


New Member
jaimo and hoover,

are you guys using multiple cards or a single card?

i don't care about host load, just pops and clicks....your input is valuable...laters.
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