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G5 dual 2.3 +UAD - What performance am I going to get?


New Member
Ive been watching this forum a while, eagerly awaiting the UAD update that will allow me to use the UAD card sitting (in its box) beside my computer... (Im on Tiger)
but the more I read, the more I get worried about what sort of performance Im going to get with my G52.3 and the UAD.

Is it that bad?

How many instances am I looking at? - I dont really want to have to freeze tracks - this is not why I bought the card! What sort of loads on the processor...

You guys have me worried



Active Member
It's less than ideal. I've got a Dual2.5 and I'm running 3 UAD 1's with a Magma chassis. It just depends on your expectations, Magma helped me a lot and allowed for more cards to make up for the loss in UAD 1 processing. If Magma isn't for you perhaps wait until 3.9 software comes out to see what people are saying before getting the card. Do some searches here and check UA's site. People here have posted specs on instances etc...
Ironically, it depends on how efficient your host sequencer is. You'll probably be able to run 6 or 7 plugs tops in PT LE and Live. I did and my UAD card stopped responding. I have yet to try it with Logic though.


I use SX3 at 24/44.1, and you can get a lot more plug ins that 6-7.

HOWEVER, as with all things, it depends on which plug ins those are. I can run dozens of EX-1's, but probably only a few Plate140's or Dreamverbs. Ditto with Fairchilds. Each plug in uses different amounts of processing power on the card, so it's entirely dependant on which plugs you use when talking about maximum track count.

I have only 1 UAD card, and it's always been more than enough for my needs. It's an unpopular opinion here, but I really think people with 3-4 cards are just using too many effects, whatever they happen to be.


6 or 7 plugs - thats ridiculously low for the price I just paid!

Well it all depends on what you're using it for. I only use the UAD1 for the stuff it does really well like the Fairchild, 1176LN, Pultec Pro, LA-2A etc. The rest can be done just as well or better with other high class plugins like Sonalksis, PSP......
If you only use the UAD1 for very dsp-heavy plugins like those I just mentioned, you will not see a big decrease in performance. The whole UAD versus PCI-X deal is mostly about the number of plugins not so much the dsp. This is quite well documented on Universals site so the situation is if you plan to use the EX1 a lot you'll be disappointed, if you need the Pultec you won't.


New Member
I had simular concerns when deciding which new G5 to purchase. I also choose the Dual 2.3, because I liked the faster speed, and I always like to by the newest technology (PCI-X) even if it means cutting my UAD performance in half. The increased processing power makes up for what I'm losing with my UAD card. I'm also hoping that eventualy UA will release a new card that works well with the AMD Chip Set.
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