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gain reduction p-lim


how much gain reduction is a good idea? im working on fairly acoustic rock songs. in broad gereral terms how much is ok.
also, ive always thought to mix down my tracks and then use the p-limiter eq ect, but ive noticed how the reverb for instance get louder in the mix when i use p-lim, which means i should mix and limit at the same time to compansate. perhaps im limiting to much. any ideas on that?



MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
You shouldn't be limiting the mix buss at all until the mastering phase - Even if you're doing it yourself (but that's for another thread). And then, how much is \"okay\" is entire dependent on what you think works well with it.

A dB or 3 of GR (again, probably without limiting) on the individual tracks that need it is probably what you're looking for.

And don't forget to mute that verb once in a while... If the verb is eeking up under light limiting, are you using too much in the first place?


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I agree with John but will depart to say that when I am working with folks who want to take home a current but unfinished mix and have complained that the mix is 'quiet' in the past. I explain the reason and if they want louder I will often put a limiter on the main bus just to get it within a mile of what they hear when they turn on the radio volume wise. I do not try to do anything more than make it a little bit louder.

Once I am done with the scratch mixes the limiter goes off for the final mixdown.

And truthfully, the mix almost always sounds better unlimited and just turned up anyway. ;) I imagine this would be true with much of overlimitedcommercialpopproduct.

As to limiting making the reverb more present... hmm... it can, but not usually a whole lot. What WILL really pump up spacial effects like reverb and delay is any M/S or 'stereo-widening' type things you do. John is right, if your mix is showing more reverb after limiting you might be using too much. Obviously this, like almost all of it, is a taste thing.



thanks for the replies. i just got the p-lim so im just playing
around with it.
ive been pressing the peddle a little too hard to the floor it seems.
i can make my mixes alot louder(quiet transparently)with just a db or 2 gain reduction tops.
isnt the p-lim designed to boost the vol during mastering
uad states the p-lim is designed for program material(mastering)
seems you guys have a adversion to it in that context
yes i can see how its too easy to over limit but when i but in a cd
of mine and compare it to a commercal product theres a significant
differance in loudess.shurely theres a happy medium to get my levels
up relative to other cds without overlimiting.
as for overlimitedcommercalradiopopproduct doesnt radio ably extra limiting because most people are listening in a car with background noise
and generaly want a in your face sound quality

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
I'm not normally one to use limiters as anything other than a safety net to catch \"the ones that got away\" from my chain.

But a little bit of boost isn't going to kill you - some of the time...

It just comes down to the number of ways to get volume. A limiter is one of them.
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