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Getting these type of drum sounds!


Hi all,

Without asking how much you don´t like this (linked) music, let´s just ask for any recording and mixing advisory for extremely powerful drums (like these), be it with or without drummachines. I would value that a whole lot!

Here are some youtube vids and I am mainly concerned with drumsounds, roughly how to approach the end product.

I wouldn´t ask you to necessarily listen to all of this stuff...think you´ll get the idea after a while. :D

Drums start at 1:16

Drums start at 0:34

Fastforward to 1:20 where the drums kick in.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oaMkcGE ... ted&search

Drums start at 0:19
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlcvJjRv ... ted&search

Drums start at 0:31

The drums kicks in at 0:11

Drums start at 0:16

And so, the common denominator is very punchy or for lack of a better word, aggressive, drums. Being novice I´d appreciate some hints of what to look for. I suppose it is not only effects and processing, but also the original core sounds.

Thank you!



Active Member
*Sigh* those videos of my youth ;)

The Sisters of mercy used to use several drum machines Mr. Eldritch called \"Dr. Avalanche\".
Please look here: http://www.thesistersofmercy.com/tech/doktors.htm
Sound processing: of course loads of reverb in those times.

Rammstein's drums are original recorded kits layered with triggered samples (had a small-talk with the producer of \"Herzeleid\")

And Mr. Reznor also uses every weird trick which is possible.

My advice for you: look for GREAT samples, layer them as needed (one for the punch and one for the body) and fit them in the mix.
(Hint: on the Sisters' \"Floodland\" album are several passages with huge solo drums :wink: which could be blended with punchier samples)
Try to emphasize the \"click\" of the bassdrum around 2-4khz and give the snare a full body around 120-140 Hz without interfering with bass & bd.
Compress to taste.

Dan Duskin

Established Member
I only listened to a couple of examples. But, the first thing I noticed was massive amounts of tape saturation. Also, lots of compression with low threshold, high ratio, fast attack, and medium release.

Try the 1176LN on the overheads or the drum-group in all-buttons-in mode.

Also try the LA3A on the overheads or drum-group.

Maybe even both (one of the overs, one on bus)...

Also, I noticed that the sound was a bit harsh in the upper mids and highs, like that classic 80's aphex exciter sound. Maybe you should try the 1176SE instead...? (the 1176SE isn't as 'smooth', & it's a little brighter)
And, try some treble boosting with the Pultec after the compression.

Additionally... try placing the Precision Limiter on the drum group after all other dynamic/compression plugins. I think this will give you that smashed drum sound you are into.

Again... I only listened briefly to two examples... so, I might be off on what sound you want.


Established Member
Duuno about the sound but this performance of Breathe on the In Case You Didnt Feel Like Showing Up video has the most awesome drum intro. Bill Rieflin and Martin Atkins. One acoustic and one triggered. Dig it.


On second thought, maybe the missing ingredient is heroin? Did not the woman from Sisters die from an overdose? Everyone knows Al is/was a legendary junkie.


The woman from Sisters - Patricia Morrisson - left the band, in any case she just had a baby not so long ago and quit music for family life. Al is clean since some time.
I agree that Breathe is a stunning performance. I like this type of synthesis of machine and human performance.


Dan, Eurocide, great advisory, much appreciated! :idea:

Is there any plugin for authentic tape saturation and what´s the closest thing to that kind of exciter (in software)?
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