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Hard Drive setup for UAD Cubase SX3 and G4 1.42?


New Member
This is my first post.

I have a G4 Dual 867 MDD which has worked great with my SCSI drives (2 Ultra160's), up to 75 tracks of audio and VSTi's. Using 2 UltraSCSI drives with Adaptec 29160N PCI card. Worked like a charm UNTIL I put the UAD card in.

Problem is when I installed the UAD-1 card and Studio Pak I got pops and crackles. Latest drivers installed for 10.3.9.

Thinking it was the bus speed (100mhz) I've bought a G4 FW800 1.42 with the 167mhz bus speed which I haven't set up yet.

I didn't want to jump into a new G5 until that's sorted out better. Too many variables to make good decisions about peripheral gear i.e. PCI-X vs PCI-e, software catching up to Intel Macs, Apple rolling out yet another version of the Gx soon, et.

Adaptec has discontinued support for the Mac beyond Panther and I am moving to Tiger 10.4.6 in my new (used) computer

I usually cut audio 24/44.1 for compatibility with samples and VSTi's

Questions are:

1. Should the PCI bus be fast enough to support a PCI-324 card with all 24 bus out to an O2R and USUALLY 24-48 tracks of audio with a couple VSTi's too) AND a couple of UAD-1 cards without pops and crackes when UAD is active. Sometimes I can use 2 or 3 instances but only if I solo the tracks and up the buffer size in my MOTU PCI-324 control panel. 2 gig of PC2100 ram in the Dual 867 MDD G4. I'll have the new G4 FW800 1.42 maxed out at 2 gigs of PC2700.

2. Since I'll no longer use my UltraSCSI drives what drive configuration would work best? System on ATA66 with RAID 0 and ATA100 drives for audio (maybe with a RAID 0)

Is Firewire 800 enough to handle just my audio tracks if I use the ATA100 bus for samples (VSTi's include The Grand, Battery, Virtual Guitarist, Groove Agent and I also use Reason 3.0 mostly NN-XT samplers..4 at most with ReWire)

Am I gonna have to get a SATA PCI card/drives, and will that affect the performance of the PCI bus for UAD cards and PCI-324 too much?

Or should I use ATA100 for audio and use Firewire 800 for samples?

Will I get a usable UAD compatible system that way (which I don't have now)?

Since Adaptec has discontinued support beyond Panther I need to make a more vis a vis my hard drive configuration with new computer.

Thanks, any working systems out there with similar systems G4 1.42 or 1.25 would be very helpful before I start dropping money like crazy.

If ATA100 will be plenty fast enough for my audio tracks I'd rather go that route than tax the PCI bus system with a SATA card.

Thanks in advance for your kind replies



Active Member
My advice is to use all buses in the Mac for different tasks.
Perhaps Firewire for audio interfaces, PCI for UAD-1, ATA for Hard drives and USB for midi/peripherals.
I'm currently running audio drives (2) on ATA66 bus exclusively. (RAID stripe)
Leaving ATA100 bus for system and samples. (2 separate drives)

Have read posts that stripe doesn't make much of a difference, but I'm doing it anyway.
SCSI will indeed give you higher track count but if you work with 24/44.1Khz you shouldn't run out of bandwidth. (using ATA66 bus)

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