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Hi - I'm trying (for the first time) to set up an independent headphone mix for a vocalist (using a Little Labs Monotor headphone amp connected to Line Alt/Out 2 on Apollo 8), so they can choose what they want to hear from the overall mix. in Pro Tools, I've set up buses and sends etc., and all is fine coming through the vocalist's headphones. However, I'm hearing exactly the same mix (and every adjustment the vocalist makes) coming through my main DAW headphones input mix. How do I hear the "main mix" through my DAW-connected headphones, and the vocalist's mix only comes through the "headphone amp mix"? I guess i'm not routing something properly.

All channels are routed through a mixbus btw.

(I know this can also be done through Console, but I really don't understand how, despite watching all the UAD videos etc. (e.g. my Cue Outputs say "Cue and Mix", whereas the videos and website photos show "Cue and Mon", so it's confusing! A basic walkthrough would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Joe Porto

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The best way to do this is using Console. You would monitor the live vocal through Console (turn software monitoring off in PT). Then you create your playback cues in PT and send them to a stereo virtual channel, which will route the PT playback cue mix to Console. Now you can set up a cue mix in Console with the live monitor track and virtual track and send it to line 1/2 of the Apollo 8.


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Thanks All. I just want to vocalist to have control of their headphone mix.

Joe - would you mind desrcibing the process you outline a a bit more detail, that would be super-helpful. When you say "send the playback cues in PT and send them to a stereo virtual channel", is the virtual channel in Console, yes? Thanks!
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