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Here Are My Numbers--Are They \"Normal\"?


Hi Everyone,

I'm running the Black Rig (in other words, the cursed Dual 2.7/AMD Chip) with 3 gigs of ram. Here are my numbers:

1-1176 SE
2-Plate 140
2-Pultecs (not pro)

or 8 plugins all together. This puts me at 82% CPU load and any other UAD plugin will put me over the top so this is my limit. My memory load is only 11%. I'm only running 4 tracks of audio but the number of audio tracks doesn't seem to be a big factor as I put it up to 16 and no change in the CPU load. My sequencer is Logic 7.0.1 with Tiger. My sound card is an M-audio 1010 with a I/O buffer size of 512.

I played around with the other settings under the Audio Panel (such as Larger Disk Buffer, etc.) but nothing seemed to make a difference in terms of raising or lowering the overall CPU useage.

So my question is this: are these figures normal? Unfortunately, I can't quite remember what my PC was able to handle but 8 plugins seems a bit low. What's interesting is that I can add almost as many native Logic plugins as I want without affecting the 82% CPU useage created by UAD plugins (good going Logic). And, since I'm sure someone will ask, I do have the proper settings checked in the UAD app as well.

If I didn't love my UAD plugins so much I really wouldn't care, but they are my plugin of choice and I use them on everything. Thanks for your help and guidance.


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When you say CPU load, you mean UAD-1 DSP load or host CPU load? If it's the first, you're fine and also it shouldn't be affected by the native Logic plugs. If it's the second... :roll:


Sorry I wasn't clear on that. It's the DSP card CPU rating I was talking about. So I'm OK with those settings? Thanks


New Member
upgrade to Logic 7.1

If you upgrade to Logic 7.1, and are using UAD 3.9, you should be able to release your CPU on the UAD by using Logics track freeze function. Thus you would only be limited by your UAD memory capacity, and your 82% CPU should drop down drastically.

For Logic users, this is a new feature improvement for UAD driver 3.9, and from what I understand is only compatible with version 7.1 (I noticed you were using 7.0.1)

I am picking up the G5 2.7 this week and I am hoping that this new feature will be a satisfactory work around for the AMD chip issue. If anyone is having problems with either this new feature not working, or with the 2.7 machine inparticular, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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