Heritage Edition Plugin Alternatives


I just bought an x8 heritage edition to take advantage of the upgraded microphone offer.

I was looking at my options RE heritage edition plugins/alternatives. The be honest, the plugins on the list that I don't already own, I don't already own are ones that have never interested me.

I'm not supposing UA are going to give me 6 or 7 of their most premium plugins for free since I already own most of the heritage stuff. But if I let UA choose from their most popular plugins for me, which it says they will do if I don’t complete my own selection, are they just going to pick from that list as well?

not meaning to complain, I bought the heritage edition to get the mic upgrade, and I bought it knowing I already owned all the included plugins that interested me. Just wasn’t sure ifI would wind up with something other than the generic “precision” series plugins or something?


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Send support a message. They have made exceptions before.
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