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Hi/Lo Frequency cutoffs...


New Member

I'm just wondering if any of our mastering engineers on the forums could tell me what to 'shave off' in the highs and lows for a good quality demo.

I'm assuming anything below say 20hz is useless, and the highs?!

And then what to use to shave these off? Cambridge with steep butter filters? AND should i do this before some gentle mastering compression or after. I assume before.....

thanks in advance!

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
I (again) hate to sound \"typical\" but it's totally dependent on the mix.

Yes, you can normally shave off some ultra-lows. Below 20Hz doesn't do you much good, but depending on the mix, a very gentle rolloff at 150Hz might be better. Or an elliptic rolloff at 40Hz. Or a Bessell at 60Hz.

On the highs - I try to keep in whatever I can and only use a filter if it's really needed. If your highs are harsh, the same (as above) applies. Whatever you need, wherever it's needed.
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