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How can I change the init preset


New Member

Since i've installed version 4.3 all of the init preset are wrong,
for exemple the LA2A loads with the controls at max and in the off position
so if I don't change the setting before I turn it ON my speakers will comme out the Box............



Active Member
I have been wondering the same thing. ;)


yeah, me too.


Established Member
That seems a relate to Sonar's users?
I mean «max» and «off» on init.
With Cubase afaik is mostly the same, except that the initial setup is more acceptable.


Matt Hepworth

Master of the UADiverse
Forum Admin
Have you tried simply resaving over init? It seems to work for me with SONAR. Mine never did default to off, however. I'm using 4.3.

The init presets seem to be the same in other sequencers as well.


I think this is more peculiar to SONAR than anything else and probably needs a Cakewalk specific fix. It does not seem to happen in other VST host apps that I've tried (REAPER, ACID Pro, Sound Forge and even Cake's own Project 5 2.5.1 opens the LA2A correctly). They all open the LA2A at the same identical default setting, which is Gain 40 & Peak Reduction 35.


Yes fellas, it is a Cakewalk problem... I've been stranded with DXI using UA's v3.9.0 for the longest due to this very reason (one of many)....

When using DXI, I have no problems whatsoever... UA's decision to drop DXI support was one of the worst things to ever happen in my recording career....

On Sonar 6, I have the option of using either DXI or VST; before deciding to make the jump from something that I know works well to the uncharted depths of the unknown, I used the VST versions of the plug-ins in v3.9.0 to see if they were full of problems...

To my dismay, I found the LA2A & Precision Limiters' intitial defualt settings in the VST format to be so horrible, that they bordered the point of comedy... Other plug-ins had issues as well...

The only thing I could think of to deal with this problem was to make FXPz of all the default settings of the DXI versions of the UAD-1 plug-ins... After doing this, I bring them up as VST versions, click on the VST icon and load the FXP into the plug-in... In order to bring up this setting every time a load the respected plug-in, I click on it's disk icon so it is a saved preset... I just simply name them 'default'...

If you guys want, I'll upload the file I made with all the presets...

As of now, it features only the plug-ins from version 3.9 and earlier, but I plan on going to my friend's studio (who uses Nuendo) in a few days and saving all his default settings for the newer plug-ins as FXPz as well, so when I make the jump to version 4.7, that'll be one less thing to piss me off...

Expect to see me make other posts in regards to the many problems the Sonar/UA situation have created....


Oh BTW... my friend's studio also has Sonar 6 running the the latest version of the UAD software and the default settings are equally messed up....
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