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How can I use RealVerb Pro as a send effect?


New Member
Hi friends,

I've purchased my first UAD-1 card and I've done that to use the RealVerb as a send effect in Cubase SX. Now, my problem is that the reverb works well as an insert but after having chosen RealVerb as a send effect, it does not react.

What is wrong here? Isn't it possible to use RealVerb as a send effect?

Please help!!
Yep! Real Verb.. Plate 140.. I do them both.. Different vocals sent to the different verbs..

Create an FX track and add the Plugin. Put the fader at 0.. Click the e button on the track you want to send.. the right hand slots are the sends.. Click the 1st slot if you want it Prefader.. if you want it post fader click the 7th slot.. There you will see the verb as an option.. Turn it on by making the on/off button blue then slide the 'level bar' to the right to get the desired amount of verb from that send..

That make sense? Hope so.. i'm not at the Cubase PC and going from memory is a shot in the dark most of the time - LOLOL


Sadly, left this world before his time.
There are no pre- and post-fader slots in the sends section; there's a switch in each slot instead.
That's right.. See what I told ya about my memory! LOLOL
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