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How to mix the room drum track with the dry track??


New Member

I have recorded two tracks of drums. One track is dry the other is the room. each track on it's own sounds great. However when i mix the room with the dry to add some space its sounds like, that phase flange noise you get when you layer two samples/sounds exactly the same. I have tried putting an offset for the room which sounded awful. I have tried tunning the room up audio up which got rid of the phasey noise but did not sound natrual. I do not belive it is the way thatey have been recorded because I have a sample cd Joey Kramer drums of dry/room drum tracks and I had the exact same problems.

How the hell do you mix the room with the dry??



why not put the dry drums through a reverb, and throw away the room recording?


Are you talking about a recording you made yourself? I use BFD, which has both dry, overhead, room and PZM mics to mix with and I never have this kind of problem. Can you upload a sample to show us exactly what you mean?


Active Member
I guess the mics for the room recording were too near at the drums themselves.
You can try to phase invert the room recording and filter out every frecuency that is not important for the room effect and of course: keep the track low, it's just an effect.
If you have a transient designer, try to smooth out the attack phase.
But a small offset of some milliseconds should do it, although you already tried this.


New Member
The reason you are having problems is because those sample cd's come with a \"dry\" version and a \"room\" version. The Room version IS the drums mixed with the room- you cannot blend them yourself unfortunately. You have to use the room sound they give you.


Active Member
This is most likely caused by phase relationships.

You might try sliding the room track earlier slightly. Obviously you need to do this with your ears, but you can also zoom in on something prominant like a kick or snare hit and just line them up. Also be aware that your track may be close to 180 degrees out overall if something about the space or your gear was a certain way (though audio this complicated will have different phase relationships at different frequencies).

There are two other things to try:

1. Voxengo PHA939 (I think it is)
2. Phasetone from Tritone Digital (free)

Once you get your phase problem worked out, compress the crap out of the room track and bring it in to taste. Sometimes this can sound cool.

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