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If I'd sell my cards...?


(No, this is not a promotion) I have two uads, one flexi and one mackie and the full 500$voucher + 100$ uad100 voucher.

When I sell them, would the new owner get the vouchers worth the 600$, too? [In this case it would be a good thing for me, 'cause I could get more]

Thanks for any input, robi


The vouchers are one time use only.



So the new owner would get to use them then :)


Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
The new rebates are pretty confusing. I could easily see the originally $500 voucher going together with your Flexi but I imagine the UAD100 voucher might be locked to your account. You'd better check it with UA before you post it for sale.


Thanks, Eric! Ok, I'll mail them if I decide to let 'em go... I'm not shure, yet, but I want that urs everything&comp bundle while it's discounted at your shop... so either the uads or my duende must go...


Sadly, left this world before his time.
If the UAD100 voucher is locked to your account, you could ask the buyer towards which plug he'd like to spend it and buy it before the transfer.


Yes, I thought of that, too. But I think I'll rather let the duende go, thinking about that now :-k :?


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You are going to get rid of SSL Duende hi speed DSP real SSL plugs getting rave reviews everywhere for some so-so native URS plugs?

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
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