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I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!!


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Nice !!! Like an Airplane Pilot


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Good ol studio one! I want to get the faderport 8 too but just haven't got around to it. I also love the console 1 but I just don't see myself with one. At least not yet.


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Nice one, another 'control freak'.

I might have posted this before.... I'm using Logic and a Behringer X-Touch with C1.

Studio Pic.jpg


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Gorgeous room Drew. I noticed you have a real Vari-Mu how does the plugin compare?
It's been about 4 years I think, but I remember doing shootouts with the hardware when it came out and it faired extremely well. Put it this way, I haven't turned on the hardware in a long while. I do this for a living, recalls and juggling multiple projects means that time is money. So even if you prefer the hardware a tiny little bit in a controlled isolated test, it might not make sense from a business standpoint.

Having said all this.... the Var Mu, Massive Passive, 2500, Smart C2, Aurora Audio GTQ2, and Daking modules are the only analog pieces of my studio that AREN'T for sale.

Bear-Faced Cow

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I'd show you mine, but I'm just starting to clean up my area and am a little embarrassed of how I let the room go over the past couple of years, despite my reasons. However, I did an iPad to the mix because Logic Remote has all of sudden become my best friend, and just may be displacing my MCU.



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When I got my FP8 And Behringer BCR2000 I thought "I have no room for a Console 1"
But where there's a will there's a way"
I am not showing mine! It's proportionally small compared to yours! :-(

However, I have a question. I prefer to play/compose more than mix. I see you have some kind of similar setup. I am still plannign out my next house with home-studio. And one of the toughest thing is to create a good setup for the table where the midi controller is, but also the mixer and the knob-panels (i might wanna go Console1, but for now, I chose BCR-2000). I need a pc keyboard, mouse, keyboard controller (61 keys), mackie control and bcr2000. How on earth do i create a good workflow :)


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Very nice, I was thinking about the X-Touch but went with FP8 because I was getting into Studio one. How do you like the X-Touch?
It’s doing the job well. I’ve previously used MCU’s and ICON’s. I would say it’s on par with the Mackie’s.

How owe you getting on with the FP8?


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Note how the maple accent binding of the Ox complements my studio furniture!! :)
Very nice indeed.

edit .... What are those 3rd set of monitors (the all black ones)?


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It’s doing the job well. I’ve previously used MCU’s and ICON’s. I would say it’s on par with the Mackie’s.

How owe you getting on with the FP8?
I love the FP8, it extra good with Studio One! Its good with Pro Tools also but much better in Studio One


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Diggin them both, so far from logic sending/receiving to Delta eq and ob comps, back to daw , then using Fp16 for mixing, automation and transport session control: best of both worlds !
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