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Impedance & transformers etc thread when to use and why?


Sorry might not be the right place to post but I'll get some good hits in here.

Here we go

When to use certain pieces of gear with certain settings? Transformers, Impedance, Rise time etc…when to use where and why.

Along with using your ears there seems to be some science that can help out.

For awhile I would just twist the knobs until I thought it sounded best but lately I have been trying to come up with more of a logically way to experiment. I know using your ears and gut feeling is the way to go, but a lot of times some of these things are very subtle. I was hoping some of you guys could share some tips and philosophy.

I figure a good way to test the different settings is record each setting then level match each track then compare the tracks. This is what I have been doing lately and it is much easier to judge which setting I like more, thus removing the louder is better factor.

I have got tips from the companies and friends along the way on some gear settings. This is pretty basic fundamental stuff.

Examples of some of the basic tips I have collected

On Aurora Audio GTQ-2 pre amp ribbon mic’s work better on a low impedance setting of 300 ohms and dynamic mic’s work better with high impedance setting of 1200 ohms. Geoff Tanner said I would be using the GTQ-2 in the 1200 impedance mode 95% of the time. Thanks Geoff

Pendulum Quartet II is a monster box and has all kinds of options for changing the tone. The only tip I got on this box so far is that it has a focused setting that is supposed to be great for ribbons as well. Anyone got any tips for this guy?

Groove tubes told me a setting of 300 ohms on the Vipre puts something upfront (lead vocals) and a higher impedance of 2400 ohms put things in background (background vocals)

I think I heard someone talking about using the rise time on the viper as sort of a desser for sibilant prone vocals.

Both the Vipre and the Quartet have transformers you can add into the signal with the flip of a switch. Besides just flipping the switch to see if you like it can someone give me an example of a good time to use a transformer.

In general if you have any fundamental or advanced tips please share any useful info or links that you have

Ps I’m posting this in several forums

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
seti808 said:
On Aurora Audio GTQ-2 pre amp ribbon mic’s work better on a low impedance setting of 300 ohms
I disagree with this. 300 ohms isn't even enough for the low impedance Beyer ribbons & far from enough for higher impedance ribbons like NOS's, AEA's, & Royer's. The latter group should be used with input impedances of around 1.5K-2.5K. Condensers & active ribbons are fine at 300 ohms.


Thanks Eric I will keep this in mind when I get my royers and try other pre amp impedance options to see what sounds better.


Active Member
well being the UA forum anyone have any recommendations on the low and high impedance of the 610?

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
Use the 500 ohm setting with condensers & the 2K ohm setting with ribbons & dynamics. If you try to use condensers with the 2K ohm setting, though it'll be louder, the sound may be strident & you may even overload the preamp.
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