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In need of friendly advice on Fireface


I could get a nice deal on Fireface, but is it really worth to \"upgrade\" my Digi 002R with FF800?

For the same amount of money I could buy Mini-Me (even beter A/D conversion than RME) and S/PDIF it to OO2R.

I work one track at the time, mostly overdubing guitars, in DP 4.6 now, since using UAD plugs in PT LE is too much of a hassle.

I would appreciate friendly advice from Mac/UAD users out there.



Established Member
I'm on a PC, but I'll tell you what...there is no comparison between the Digi and fireface, especially if you're not using Pro Tools.

The fireface is premier.



Thanx Shane.

I am aware that FF800 is cut above Digi002R, regarding conectivity and converers, but I am not so shure about quality of pre-amps in comparison to Digi's.

Only if stability of system as whole, especially regarding fw bus, is much improved (track count, less audio drop-outs) purchase of FF800 would be justified IMO.


Boris, that is a good question and something I am interested in finding out as well. In addition to what you ask, is the firewire buss (on computers that have built in firewire) a different buss system than the pci buss? Right now my computer doesn't have built in firewire and I was thinking of purchasing a fireface 800, but in order to use the fireface I would have to pick up a pci firewire card - does that card defeat the purpose of firewire?
FF800 here and cannot speak highly enough of it for the $$: the sound, latency, the build, the features and the softwares especially, once you spend even a little time with it is fantastic as is the support and attention to detail. On a Mac G5 and due to poor FW bus design (ie only one bus :eek: ) I opted to fit an extra FW card and run from that and leave my 4 external HDs on the other with never a peep of a setup problem from day 1. Pres are great, flexibility astounding and plenty of inputs right there on the front. Couple of tiny niggles depending on how you're using it-some peeps found the need to have input gain pots set very high for cerrtain mics and in my case it was necessary to learn about using the 'loopback' feature to control input gain of a stereo pair.
For the sake of balance, for that price/feature set you'd do well to check the Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 and also have a glance round Gearslutz.com as there's been a lot of discussion of these 2 pieces.
Hope that's some help!



Active Member
The pres in the FF800 blow away the 002r. They sound great.

Unless your really into PT, I would get rid of the 002r. IMHO, they sound like cack. I A/B'd a lot of units before deciding on the FF and I really like the sound of it.

Anything by Apogee is wonderful. But look at the features with the FF. You might not use them 'right now', but what about in the future? If you have an i/powerBook, you can record up to 10 tracks with this. 4 great pres, and input 1 has a 'speaker sim' you can activate. Sounds quite good on bass. Portable power!

Either of these units will make you wonder why you put up with the sound of a 002r.


BTW, would it be possible to run both Digi 002 and Fireface via \"aggregate device\" feature in Tiger? Or there might be some collision with Digidesign CoreAudio driver. Any experiences worth sharing?



I sold my Digi002R, Have not used it since I got the FF800 a year ago. (using Logic).

No, you cant aggregate Digidesign devices in Tiger, tried doing that but have not tried the latest coreaudion driver (i tried PT 6,9,2).

The Fireface is great but a little complicated. It has so many routing, clocking possibilities. You can even use it as a standalone converter, flashing your routing, sync and mix settings :)

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