Installing UAD-2 Satellite, adding/authorizing System Plugins???


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I may be installing a new Satellite Octo later in the week. I have TWO systems listed, System 1 and System 2, obviously.

System 1 had all my plugins, and somehow, System 2 has just one plugin, a duplicate of something already in System 1.

My understanding is there's a point in the installation/authorization where you are asked which System to link/associate with the new hardware.

Is this step fraught with peril, or is it simply that I select System 1 at this point, and all those plugins will then be active and associated with the new hardware?

Perhaps this seems simple and obvious, but I've seen at least one thread where the user selected the wrong option and was unable to authorize their plugins, therefore being frustrated and unable to work.

Thank you all in advance!;)
Sometimes a 2nd system is auto-created.

Get with Support and they'll get you taken care of.



When activating and authorizing, choose System1 and you’ll be good to go. Each system allows up to 6 UA devices, thus sharing owned plugins between them.
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