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Invalid system time demo error


New Member
recently I keep getting this error (in winXP)Ive had a couple of resets sent by UA but nothing is happening,I would be greatful if anyone knows how I might solve this one.Ive got 2 partitiions both set to the same date time etc.

many thanks

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
the cards authorization clock has gotten out of sync with your systems clock, youll probably need to email UA for a reg fix.

seemed like this started happening to certain people around 3.8-3.9 and it crops up on new releases. hasn't happened here yet.


Established Member
Got a reply and fixed straight away.

Must say that UA offer an excellent support service!



Sadly, left this world before his time.
csl said:
Horse said:

I've just installed 4.2 and the RE-201 has come up as demo expired already.

Same here. the fix didn't do anything though, nor did uninstalling/rebooting.
The fix didn't work here either. We'll see what Brett will come up with on Monday.


The Space Echo demo is the first one that isn’t pre-expired for me in many moons. I don’t know why this one worked. I’ve always suspected it’s had something to do with having a dual-boot system, and the two partitions both having UAD-1 drivers installed. I’m using a new system now, but it’s still dual-boot, so who knows…


Horse said:
Got a reply and fixed straight away.

Must say that UA offer an excellent support service!

Emailed them on Saturday night with the same problem, no reply yet... :roll:
Luckily the knobs on the demo are operational, lacks simply the sound! :lol:
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