Is it normal to need this much gain?


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Using a Apollo twin and a condenser mic?

using only the Apollo twin pre amps I’m seeming to need to turn the dial almost all the way up get any useable sound, and that much gain means a lot of hiss. I’m using a wam audio 87. Am I doing something wrong or am I going to need a mic pre amp. I thought apollos could handle a condenser.
For vocals, when using the NT1-A, I only need about 37ish, but with the TLM 107, I have to crank it up to 55 or more for same. I'm absolutely not a gear head, so I asked Neumann support, and they said input sensitivity of the TLM 107 is lower in comparison to the NT1-A, so it's perfectly normal to increase the preamp. But the hissing part sounds strange. :/ Best of luck!


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I’m going to try a different fet condenser mic to check if it’s a mic problem, Apollo problem or me problem!

how much db is half way on the universal audio dial?


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it depends on the source, too. in front of a kick drum, an 87 needs much less gain than when you just talk quietly into the mic.
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