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ISP is changing hands: Possible downtime...


The Originator
I guess i should have read my emails more carefully, i thought my hosting company was upgrading equipment, but apparently they are chaning hands to a new company. Unfortunately i will be required to manuall update any files that have changed in the past month (including the database). I am hoping there will be no major issues, but i have a feeling the site will be down over the weekend while i do this since any new messages will be lost after i back up the database and plan for its move.

They of course claim the new hosting company is bigger, better and more reliable...hopefully that is indeed the case.

Everyone pray for a semi-seamless transfer! :)


The Originator
Wow that couldn't have gone worse. :(

Hope everyone is back soon...sorry for the nightmares! I did the best i could.



Hey, I just wanted to say that it's times like this that remind me how much of a service you are providing us and that I for one am VERY appreciative of your efforts for our community.

So, instead of complaining about downtime I'm just going to say THANK YOU for everything you do.


Alright! :D
Thanks, Chris, for putting up with the headaches needed to put this wonderful forum back on.

I think that UA should at least make some space available to you on their server. :roll:


The Originator
I think at one pont they were going to host their own forum, then felt it would be better to keep it seperate from their actual control. They have helped me out in the past and are definately a great company. I recently purchased a condo and some furniture, and i've had so many headaches that i would say near 90% of all companies have totally lost any customer service or care for their customers...it's sad. I think UA is one of the few companies that don't fall in to that boat.

Dave Bourke

Active Member
Welcome back, Chris. Gotta say I really missed my daily UA fix, but everything's coming up roses now...

Kind regards.
Hot Dog!! Glad to see you have it up and running Chris! Sorry you had to go through the nightmare it must have been! A BIG Thanks to you from me, man!!
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